Your kidney or your new iPhone X: Choose wisely

| September 13, 2017
One kidney : That’s what a Washington DC-based Indian-origin scientist thinks Apple’s newest gadget is worth in India. The joke wouldn’t be lost on his countrymen who’ll have to shell out up to Rs1,02,000 ($1,594) for the company’s newest gadgets. Apple launched its latest smartphone models—the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X—on Sept. 12 in the US, and (like every time ) the devices come at a premium in India. Here’s the price list: Model 64GB (In Rs) 256GB (In Rs) iPhone 8 64,000 77,000 iPhone 8 Plus 73,000 86,000 iPhone X 89,000 1,02,000 (Source: NDTV Gadgets) The models will be launched in India on Nov. 03 and pre-orders will be accepted from Oct. 27. Unsurprisingly, social media users in the country are already tickled. When someone pre-orders iPhone X — Nagraj (@zehreelimaut) September 13, 2017 My friend sold his Kidney and bought an iPhone. Now whenever he takes a selfie the mandatory hashtag is #NoFilter #iPhoneX — Amey Kulkarni (@Kulkarnium) September 13, 2017 Choose a payment method for iPhone 8, IPhone X #AppleEvent — C A S T E I R A (@JonnyCsteira) September 12, 2017 And in case you have that kind of money to spare on something that’s likely to be outdated in a year , may we suggest some alternatives to splurge on: An overseas trip: For less than what the lower-end iPhone X costs, you could spend seven days in Spain , including airfare and sightseeing excursions of Madrid and Zaragoza. In fact, you could even take someone along to Indonesia , Thailand , or Singapore . High-end gym membership: Think healthy. Even the annual membership to the popular Gold’s Gym costs Rs35,100 (in Bengaluru), less than half of what an iPhone 8 Plus costs. Sponsor a child for over eight years: At the price of the cheapest model, you could sponsor a child’s education for over 100 months . NGO World Vision’s child support programme costs just Rs800 a month and ensures education, healthcare, and clean drinking water. Motorbikes/cars: I made a big mistake by buying iPhone7 at Rs 69000 , no need to spend this much of money just on a phone. Will buy a Royel Enfild Classic — K (@Im_KapilChauhan) September 12, 2017 Enough said. Of course, there are also several second-hand cars that cost only as much as the latest iPhones. Gaming: Buy an XBox One console and several games for it for the price of an iPhone8. Besides gaming, it lets users browse the web, make calls via Skype on a big screen, and even save money on a gym membership (by working out with Kinect). Run your house for months: If you live in a metro, the money spent on a top-end iPhone X could cover your household expenditure for five months; if you live in an under-developed rural area, it could go up to 10 months. The average monthly household expense in metro cities is Rs20,227; in under-developed rural India, it is Rs9,423, according to a 2016 survey . Two iPhones: If your heart is set on an iPhone, you could settle for an older version—even the immediate predecessor of the latest models. And why just one? You could buy two iPhone 7 s for the price of a top-end iPhone X. No doubt the new models have new features like a glass back for wireless charging (iPhone 8) and facial recognition option (iPhone X), but not many seem sold on those. Show offs gonna buy. I am happy with my IPhone 6!!! — ady_theblindside (@tewariaditya) September 12, 2017 Most Popular Tesla intentionally makes some of their cars worse, and it’s good for everybody Read full story


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