Avatar: The Way of Water Review, Wonderful Movie

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By Paras Jaswal

We finally got to see Avatar: The Way Of Water. The movie is very awesome. Even though the movie is of 3 hours, you will not be bored at all. The story of the movie is very simple and is based on the family of Jack Sully. Only James Cameron can do this to show a simple story so well. The storyline of the movie is very good which keeps you hooked throughout the movie. Talking about the graphics, they are very good which makes you feel a different world.

Avatar: The Way of Water Review, Wonderful Movie
Image Source: 20th Century Studios

Talking about the story starts with the family of Jack Sully. Jack says we thread memories in song garland, every bead is a story of life. One standard for the birth of our son, one for when we adopted our daughter Kiri who was incarnated as Grace. A child who no one knows how was born. A bead to connect with Eva for the first time. People say that we live in Eva and it is in every pore of our body.

Jack has a family consisting of his wife Neytiri and his children Tuktirey, Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Kiri. Jack says that when we sent the sky people back, some of them stayed, like some scientists who were loyal to Navi and a baby spider.

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Colonel Miles Rick returns again as an avatar. He comes to the forest to find Jack, but he finds Jack’s children there. Miles catches them, Jack and Neytiri also reach there, and they rescue them. Spider falls down while running and he takes Spider with him. He comes to know that he is his own son.

Jack then leaves the jungle and goes with his family far away from where the sea dwellers live. Jack joins them and begins to learn their ways.

Syria, the daughter of the chief of the Coasters, tells Lo’ak that the path of water has no beginning and no end. Waves surround you and the ocean is with you. In these waves is your home before birth and after death. Our heartbeat echoes in the depths of the ocean, and our breath moves in its depth. Water holds the breath till life and death.

Avatar: The Way of Water Review, Wonderful Movie
Image Source: 20th Century Studios

Miles learns where Jack lives and starts hunting the Turks, which leads to Jack falling into their trap. Turk is a sea creature whom the coast dwellers consider their brother and sister. While hunting them, Miles captures Jack’s children and the chief’s daughter, Syria.

Then Jack and the Coasters attack them together and rescue the children and Spider as well, but his son Neteyam is killed. Jack’s daughters are still in his possession. Jack, Neytiri, and Spider also go with them to rescue them. Jack kills Miles but Spider saves him.

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Miles Goes Back He will return again in Avatar 3. Now it will be interesting to see what the story of the next part is going to be.

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