Doom Patrol Season 4 Trailer I Story and Release Date

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By Paras Jaswal

HBO Max has released the official trailer for Doom Patrol Season 4. In the trailer, we get to see comedy-drama and a bit of action. This series is very funny. Its 3 seasons have already arrived which is quite fun.

Doom Patrol Season 4
Image source: HBO Max

There are some characters in the Doom Patrol who have completely changed and they then start living apart from the world, as seen in their previous seasons. A character who is bound with straps, one made of metal, one with multiple personalities, and so on.

As the Doom Patrol Season, 4 trailer looks they say something dangerous is coming our way. He talks about immortality. He says have you ever thought that we look the same for years. Forget your longevity and it is said that this is the search for immortality.

He wants to change that by going back in time. So in this season, you will also get to see time travel which is going to be a lot of fun. They say to end it we have to go back in time and end it from where it started.

Doom Patrol Season 4 will stream on HBO MAX on December 8, 2022. What was your reaction after watching the trailer and are you also waiting for it, do tell by commenting.

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