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By Paras Jaswal

Enola Holmes 2 is a Suspense and Thriller Story, in which Enola and her brother Sherlock Holmes play the role of a detective. In this story, you will also get to see some action in between. Overall the film is good and you will enjoy it. If you have seen the first part of it, then you will definitely like Enola Holmes 2.

Enola Holmes 2
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The story begins with Enola and she is running away from the policemen. You will know later why she is running. Then the flashback of the story begins.

Enola also wants to become a famous detective like her brother and thinks that she too will bring glory to the Holmes family.

Enola solves a case with her brother and then opens her own detective agency. But she doesn’t get any cases. She is about to close her agency after getting frustrated when a little girl (Bessie) comes there. She wants to find her sister Sarah who suddenly disappeared a week ago.

Enola comes to Bessie’s house and gets all the information about her sister (Sarah). Bessie gives Enola some coins but Enola refuses to take it. In this way the case of Enola is found. How she solves this case, the whole story revolves around this.

Enola also goes to work with Bessie at the matchmaking factory where Bessie’s sister Sarah worked. Enola suspects Mae who works in the same factory and follows him to a hotel where Sara also worked. There she asks someone about Sarah who tells her that a rich boy used to visit Sarah every day who used to give her flowers and letters. Where Sarah used to do makeup, she finds a letter with which she comes out from there.

The story goes, Sarah is sitting in the park when she finds Lord Tewkesbury. There is a brief conversation between them and he leaves saying you know where I will meet. When he says this, Enola understands the secret hidden in the letter that she received at the hotel. It has an address and she says now the game has started again.

As soon as Enola reaches that address she finds Mae there in a helpless condition, she wants to say something but before that she dies. Enola found a letter in her pocket. Then Inspector Lestrade and Superintendent Grail also come there. They start searching for Enola but she runs away. This is where the flashback of the story ends and the story moves on.

Enola then reaches Sherlock’s house. Sherlock tells Enola about his case and that the criminal knows me, as soon as he gets any clues, he disappears before I can arrive.

Enola also tells him everything about her case. Sherlock says you have been accused of murder, you stay here. And he goes by saying don’t be like me.

As Enola continues to solve the case, she learns that the one who met Sarah at the hotel is William. While Enola is dancing with William at the party, he asks her to meet him at the library. Sherlock, on the other hand, manages to unravel the mystery of his case and gets the name, Moriarty.

While Enola waits for William in the library, the police also arrive and arrest her. In prison, Enola learns that Grill is also involved with criminals.

Sherlock tells Edith about Enola and she takes her away from prison. Enola then approaches Lord Tukesbury for help. Just then a girl named cicely comes there and Enola hides. Lord Tewkesbury asked her to speak later and sent her away. Then Lord Tukesbury told Enola that she had come to me only to ask for help, there was something wrong with the factory.  Upon hearing this, all the clues of the case start swirling in her mind and she learns that Cicely is Sarah.

She then arrives at the factory with Lord Tewkesbury and asks him to keep an eye on the outside and goes inside herself. There she finds Sherlock.

Enola says to sherlock what are you doing here. He says that maybe the cases of both of us are connected with each other. As they enter the office, they find William’s body. Enola looks at the evidence lying there and says that they were doing corruption and William wanted to expose them. And behind all this is Lord Mclntyre who is the Treasury minister but Sherlock says no. This evidence has been planted to mislead us. And says all this is fake. Then they come to know about a theater from the evidence over there.

After this, he reaches the theater where he gets all the evidence. And a little action happens over there too. Miss Mia Troy’s hand was behind those murders, she is doing all this for her own benefit and she is arrested. Mclntyre burns all the evidence as he joins in and escapes.

In this way, Enola solves this case and maybe she too becomes a famous detective in the next part.

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  • Will there be a second Enola Holmes 2?

This is the second part of Enola Holmes. Its first part came in 2020, which you will find on Netflix. After this Enola Holmes 3 can come. We may get to see more parts of it in the future.

  • What is the plot of Enola Holmes 2?

Enola Holmes solves the mystery of a missing girl, for which she has to go to jail once. The story revolves around this case and she solves this case with the help of her brother Sherlock Holmes and friends.

  • How many Enola Holmes films are there?

Enola Holmes has 2 parts. The first part came in 2020 and the second part has just come in December 2022. More parts of the Enola Holmes movie can also be seen in the future.

  • Did Sherlock Holmes have a sister?

Yes, Sherlock Holmes has a sister and her name is Enola Holmes. He is also a detective like Sherlock Holmes. Two movies have been made on Enola Holmes. Enola Holmes came in 2020 and Enola Holmes arrived in December 2022.

  • Did Enola Holmes merry?

Enola Holmes is not married yet. She loves Lord Tewksbury. He expressed this in the movie Enola Holmes 2 and both of them also kissed in one scene.

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