I Hate Christmas Story of Gianna

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By Paras Jaswal

I Hate Christmas is the story of Gianna who has to find a boyfriend for herself in 25 days. Because when her family talks about her life first she says I don’t need anyone to be happy. But later she confides that she has a boyfriend. The whole story is based on that.

I Hate Christmas
Image source: Netflix

After this Gianna starts looking for a boyfriend. She meets a lot of guys but she doesn’t like any. Then she meets a boy with whom she also forms a physical relationship, but she later learns that she is in high school.

After finding a boyfriend, Gianna has to meet her family on Christmas Day. Now whether he can get a boyfriend or not, it will be known only after watching the movie.

Gianna says the top or bottom is the same, Christmas is a coming pain.

The I Hate Christmas movie will be released on Netflix on December 7.

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