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By Paras Jaswal

Love is Blind Brazil is a Brazilian, Wedding & Romance, Competition Reality TV show. In which there is a group of men and women who are looking for true love. This season is going to witness more drama and romance than ever before. The men and women are kept in separate pods for 10 days where they can chat with multiple people without seeing each other.

Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2
Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2/Image source: Netflix

As the name of the show suggests, Love is Blind is going to be seen in the show as well. If they fall in love with someone while chatting in the pods and are ready to marry each other then they can see each other. Season 2 of Love is Blind is going to be a lot of fun. After that they will also be sent for honeymoon to the largest rainforest which is very beautiful.

Drama, romance, excitement, sadness are all seen in the trailer. Everyone is very excited in the starting, for this they also fall in love later. After that we also get to see a bit of romance in the trailer. You can get to see more romance in the show. Some people are also a little sad later that how can they take such a decision so soon. In the last part of the trailer, they say that blind love leads to marriage.

Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2
Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2/Image source: Netflix

Season 1 of Love Is Blind: Brazil had a total of 10 episodes, in which most of the episodes were of 60 minutes. In season 2 also you can get to see 10 episodes.

The first episode is “Pod of Love” in which everyone is placed in pods where they make connections with each other. Where they can just chat with each other.

The second episode is “Yes, I Will” in which the people who fall in love come forward and get engaged.

The third episode is “Sexy Honeymoon” in which they go for honeymoon to a beautiful place which is like heaven. A lot of romantic moments will be seen in this episode.

The fourth episode is “Better Together.” They get together for the first time at the resort and a lot of hopes start rising in their minds. Because as the night progresses, the time for romance will come closer.

Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2
Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2/Image source: Netflix

The fifth episode is “Expectation vs Reality” in which they go to the real world after all this. They are also very surprised when they think about all these things.

The sixth episode is Living Together. In which they talk about their relationship and drama is seen here.

The seventh episode is “Where Do We Go From Here.” In this, a party or a meeting with friends can be seen or something else.

The eighth episode is “The Wedding Approaches.” In which shopping for marriage etc. is done, apart from this one can get to see a lot more.

The ninth episode is “Bachelor Party” in which the bride and groom meet their friends before marriage. They talk and enjoy completely.

The tenth episode is “Moment of Truth” in which the time has come for the rest of the couples to leave. Can they keep their romance intact like this?

Love is Blind Brazil Season 2 is coming to Netflix on 28 December 2022.

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