NBA Remembers and Prays for Ernie Johnson’s Mother

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By Paras Jaswal

NBA Remembers and Prays for Ernie Johnson's Mother
Image source: instagram/ernie.johnson

Ernie Johnson’s mother passed away last week at the age of 94. The NBA remembered and expressed condolences for the life of his mother, Lois Johnson.

Ernie Johnson hosts for the NBA and is a respected figure for his achievements.

The NBA posted a video on Twitter with the caption “The NBA on TNT family remembers Lois Marjorie Johnson.”

Many people left comments to express their condolences and prayers for Ernie Johnson and his family.

NBA Muse writes “RIP my condolences go out to Ernie and his family”

Milinda writes “May she rest in peace and power.”

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Mark writes “Condolences to Ernie’s family.”

Another user writes “When Ernie is hurting we are all hurting.”

Ernie Johnson was born in 1965 in the US and is 66 years old. Ernie has 6 children.

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