Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Announcement

Too Hot To Handle is a reality TV show featuring a group of hot singles. It has 4 seasons which you can watch on Netflix. Netflix has just released the announcement video of Too Hot To Handle Season 5, so it can be seen very soon. Too Hot To Handle Season Announcement Netflix Video:   … Read more

Freeridge Trailer, Release Date & Star Cast

Freeridge is a comedy-drama series and will premiere on 2nd February on Netflix. Freeridge is a comedy series from the creators of On My Block. In this, 4 friends reveal the curse of dark misfortune in their lives. In Freeridge’s Starcast: Keyla Monterroso Mejia Bryana Salaz Tenzing Norgay Trainor Ciara Riley Wilson Season 1 of … Read more

The Witcher: Blood Origin Season 1 Recap, The Story of 7 Warriors

Netflix has released 4 episodes of The Witcher: Blood Origin season 1. The first four episodes show the Elven world of more than a thousand years ago. Episode 1 Recap: Of Ballads, Brawlers, and Bloodied Blades The first episode begins with a battle between the Scoia’tael and the Temerian as time suddenly stops. A woman … Read more

Jung_E Netflix Trailer, Release Date, Star Cast, and Everything We Know

Jung_E is a Korean sci-fi, action, and adventure film set in the 22nd century in which researchers clone the brain of a heroic soldier and an advanced A.I. Builds robots. One such A.I. Robot that looks exactly like a human. The movie is directed by “Hellbound” director Yeon Sang-ho. This movie will be released on … Read more