Sexual assault charges against Rex Orange County were dropped

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By Paras Jaswal

Rex Orange County made a post on Instagram and wrote that all sexual assault charges against him were dropped. He wrote that the Crown Prosecution has thoroughly reviewed all the evidence and has decided that there is no merit to this case, not guilty verdicts have been entered for all charges. I have always denied these allegations and I am grateful that all charges against me have been dropped. I have never assaulted anyone.

Sexual assault charges against Rex Orange County were dropped
Image source: instagram/rexorangecounty

Further, Rex writes in his post, I want to clarify that I was accused of pf because I could not address it till now and misunderstandings spread about this matter.

I was falsely accused of touching someone’s leg, neck, back, and the bottom one evening. This gives me 6 charges of sexual harassment. The only evidence against me was the person’s account.

The CCTV footage obtained by the police contradicted their version of events. During the questioning, his companion also remained there till evening and he did not support the statement made against me.

Lastly, Rex writes this has been a difficult time for everyone involved and I would like to thank everyone who helped me. Thank you for continuously supporting my family and my loved ones.

In October, Rex was accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Rex had always denied these allegations and now he has been cleared of all these charges.

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