Singles Inferno 2 Trailer Release Date Star Cast and Everything We Know

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By Paras Jaswal

Singles Inferno is a Korean adult dating drama series. Some hot singles are abandoned on a deserted island. There is no technology of any kind there. His only attraction is that he can find a partner for himself and go to Paradise. In Paradise, they get the best facilities that they need but nothing like that is available in Inferno. Finding love in Inferno is not easy as we saw in Season 1.

Singles Inferno 2
Image Source: Netflix

In Singles Inferno Season 2, another bunch of hot singles is all set to enter the Inferno. Singles Inferno will release on Netflix on 13th December 2022.

Singles Inferno 2 season is full of hotness. It is shown that a group of hot singles comes in Inferno. Where he has to find his love without knowing about a far distance, if he remains single then he will have to spend painful nights in Inferno. Whoever finds his love will be sent to Paradise. Where they will get good food and stay and all the best facilities.

It is shown in the trailer that some tasks will also be given to them in Inferno which they have to complete and they will be difficult to complete. That’s why everyone wants to find their love quickly and go to Paradise.

Singles Inferno 2 Starcast

The star cast of Inferno has been kept a secret, for now, there is no information about which hot singles you will get to see. You must have also seen in the trailer that no one’s face is shown. In a very beautiful way, only hotness has been shown in the trailer. The release date of Inferno 2 has arrived, and very soon its star cast will also be known.

So be ready to watch Singles Inferno 2 which will give you a different thrill. Singles Inferno 2 will be released on 13th December.

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