Slumberland Review: Adventures of Dream World

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By Paras Jaswal

Slumberland is an adventure movie that tells the story of Nemo and his Uncle Phillip. How do they find a way to go to the dream world, can meet each other in their dreams and can go into anyone’s dreams. It can also be said that this story is of the world of dreams which is very exciting.

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Talk about the overall movie is very good. In this movie we get to see a different concept. Which sounds very exciting too. In the beginning, when Nemo appears in a dream, it is not known whether it is a dream or is happening in real.

A little suspense is also seen in this movie till the end it is not known that Philip and his uncle are the same. Police even inside dreams, this also seems a bit funny.

If we talk about its story, it starts with a lighthouse where Nemo and his dad live. He always tells his daughter stories about his friend Philip. Suddenly one day when Nemo’s dad goes at night, he dies.

After that Nemo is taken to his uncle’s city. There when she is sleeping she has a dream and when she wakes up she sees that her toy piggy starts moving. After that her bed also starts moving, she gets a little scared. After that, Bede takes her to the lighthouse. There she looks for her dad but finds Philip there, who asks him about the map. Philip tells her that he is her dad’s friend. Philip tells her that this map can lead us to the magical treasure. Where there are magic pearls, you can ask them any wish and you can meet your dad again. Nemo says she didn’t hear about it and he wakes her up.

The next day when she sleeps, she gets that map. Then she takes the map and goes to meet Philip in the dream. At first Philip refuses to take her with him. Nemo says I have to find my father. I also want to go with you. Philip starts leaving from there, then she double knocks. Then he says your dad told you about this also she says. Nemo says yes, dad used to tell me your stories every night. Then he takes her with him.

Philip tells her that there are some rules here which we have to follow. Philip says first rule is don’t come in anyone’s eyes and don’t tamper with others’ dreams otherwise the bureau police will catch you and throw you in jail.The second rule is stay focused, we are not here to have fun. Our only mission is to find the magic pearls.

They also have to face dangers in their dreams. Green catches them at once and puts Philip in jail. Green leaves Nemo and tells him to fight nightmares with courage or else they will ruin your life. Then Green wakes up Nemo.

His uncle tells him about his dad, how he used to go into dreams and have fun there. His uncle also used to tell him that his other form in the dream was Philip. Nemo then learns that the person she met in her dream is her uncle.

His uncle tells him about his dad, how he used to go into dreams and have fun there. His uncle also used to tell him that his other form in the dream was Philip. Nemo then learns that the person she met in her dream is her uncle. His uncle must have remained in his dream and he must have forgotten all those things.

Nemo dreams again and rescues Philip from prison. Then they reach the sea where the magic pearl is. Nemo tells Philip that you are my uncle and with the help of the magic pearls you can go back and be one again. He says why should we die for that one person and he wakes up Nemo.

Nemo also has a fight with her uncle and she walks alone with the boat towards the lighthouse. It has been raining a lot outside, his piggy falls into the water because of the waves. As she moves forward to catch him, she falls unconscious in the boat itself. Nemo’s uncle follows to find her.

Nemo reaches in the dream to find the magic pearls alone in the same sea and with the help of Piggy, she finds the pearls. The bad dream also comes there chasing him. Then Philip also reaches there to save Nemo and both run away from there.

Just when they are about to reach the lighthouse, a nightmare overtakes Philip. Nemo then uses the pearl to wake up her Philip. As soon as she makes a wish, Philip wakes up and his uncle remembers everything.

Then she courageously chases away the bad dream and comes to the light house. She finds Green there and says you only see what we show. While leaving she says Piggy is very cute, give her a hug from me. He has another pearl as Nemo wakes him up. From whom she asks for a wish and her dad gets it, she becomes very happy.

After that Nemo wakes up and starts living happily with his uncle.

The movie was very good, maybe someday we can get to see its second part as well.

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