The Crown Season 5 Ending Explained

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By Paras Jaswal

The final episode of The Crown Season 5 begins with Dodi Fayed trying to convince his father to buy a house in Los Angeles. He wants to be with his girlfriend Kelly Fisher and plans to bring her to London to meet.

The Crown Season 5
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Princess Diana watches a live debate on television in which many questions are raised about the monarchy and in that debate, there is also a discussion about whether it should still exist.

Prince Charles is concerned about the findings and brings them to the Queen’s birthday. The celebration brings together Prince Margaret and her entire family, including Prince Philip, to discuss the issue. Then everyone together decided that when Hong Kong leaves British rule, Prince Charles will be the royal representative.

Dodi’s meeting with his father doesn’t go as planned, as Mohammed lectures him about his future and is unhappy with the purchase of his house in Los Angeles.

On the other side, Tony Blair wins the election and defeats the incumbent John Major, who left his post.

The Queen’s first meeting with the new Prime Minister is unsuccessful when he refuses to reverse the decision to remove the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Princess Diana and Al- Fayda attended the ballet. After that, both have dinner together. Diana confesses that she has been feeling very sad for a few days and is planning to leave the country.

Prince Charles meets with the new Prime Minister in Hong Kong.

The Prince of Wales shares his hopes for modernizing the monarchy as well as his wish to be allowed to marry Familia in the future.

Blair tells his wife that he found the future of Kong very surprising and intelligent.

When the Queen learns that Charles has met with the Prime Minister, an argument ensues between them. She accuses her son of having an affair with Camilla, while Charles insists that the one he loves should be allowed to marry her.

The season ends with Princess Diana preparing for the holidays to St. Tropez. One scene shows Al Fayed’s Yacht while Dodi proposes to Fischer. The Queen is shown passing through the Royal Yacht Britannia Hall as she prepares to bid farewell to him.

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