Tom Cruise to Will Smith: Hollywood Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in 2022

By HotTopic24 

The actor earned $20 million for his dangerous role in the Warner Bros. movie Joker 2.

Fees: $20 million

Image source: instagram/joaquinlphoenix

10.  Joaquin Phoenix: Actor of Joker 2

Actor Tom Hardy, who made his debut with films like Inception, made $20 million in the Marvel movie Venom 3.

Fees: $20 million

Image source: instagram/tomhardy

9. Tom Hardy: Actor of Venom 3

Fast and Furious fans will be happy to know that the next movie in the franchise is coming.

Fees: $20 million

Image source: instagram/vindiesel

8. Vin Diesel: Actor of Fast X

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth recently hiked his fee and Netflix paid him $20 million for Extraction 2.

Fees: $20 million

Image source: instagram/chrishemsworth

7. Chris Hemsworth: Actor of Extraction 2

Will Ferrell is best known for his comedic roles and made $20 million in Spirited.

Fees: $20 million

Image source: instagram/Google

6. Will Ferrell: Actor of Spirited

DC paid Dwayne Johnson $22.5 million to play Black Adam.

Fees: $22.5 million

Image source: instagram/therock

5. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: Actor of Black Adam

Brad Pitt has negotiated $30 to star as a Formula 1 driver in a fictional movie.

Fees: $30 million

Image source: instagram/bradpittofflcial

4. Brad Pitt: Actor of Formula 1 Drama (Title TBC)

Leonardo DiCaprio earned $30 million in Killers in the Flower Moon.

Fees: $30 million

Image source: instagram/leonardodicaprio

3. Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor of Killers of the Flower Moon

Will Smith, 54, was paid $35 million for his role in the movie Emancipation.

Fees: $35 million 

Image source: instagram/willsmith

2. Will Smith: Actor of Emancipation

Tom Cruise is the highest-paid actor in 2022 and was paid $100 million for his role as Top Gun: Maverick.

Fees: $100 million

Image source: instagram/tomcruise

1. Tom Cruise: Actor of Top Gun: Maverick