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By Paras Jaswal

Two episodes of Willow have come, this is an adventure, Fantasy web series, in which you will also get to see magic. This series is available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The story begins with Sorsha who is the queen of Tir Asleen, she says that in a time of fear, a girl child is born whose name is Elora Danan. Used to say that she will save our world. The evil forces continued to follow him. Then two such brave men saved that girl from whom no one had any hope. The first of them was Nelwyn farmer Willow with dreams of becoming a great wizard. His heart was full of bravery and truth. The other was a fraud, a traitor, and a very selfish thief.

Willow |First Two Epic Episodes | Desny Plus Hotstar
Willow/Image source: Disney Plus Hotstar

The name of that thief is Madmartigan with whom Sorsha gets married. She teams up with him to defeat her mother, Queen Bavmorda, and free Tir Asleen.

Sorsha: We thought the war was over, but upon returning home, Willow had a dream that someday the ancient power would return and kill the new queen. That’s why Elora was hidden.

Sorsha has two children, Kit, and Arik. Eric is in love with a maid whom he calls Dove.

Sorsha invites the King of Galladorn to her palace because she wants to marry her daughter Kit to Prince Graydon. Kit doesn’t want to marry her and starts running from there and before running away she meets her friend Jade and kisses her and then leaves.

Gales magically releases fog toward the palace. Jade stops Kit from going, she sees the fog and says where did so much fog come from. Just then four strange-looking devils come there and they take Arik from there. He injures Ballantine in the fight and turns him into a devil. So that he can spy on them.

Kit, Kase, Jade, Graydon, and Thraxus Boorman go to rescue Eric. Thraxus Boorman is a prisoner, she promises to help him and all his crimes will be forgiven. Because there is a lot of danger outside the barrier. Boorman says how can we catch a flying power. Queen says for this you need magic and willow will help you.

Willow |First Two Epic Episodes | Desny Plus Hotstar
Willow/Image source: Disney Plus Hotstar

When they are going on the way, Dove also follows them. Dove asks them what the barrier is. Jade tells him that it was built by Raziel and Chirlindrea to protect the principality from evil forces. Kase says it was made to protect Ellora.

Going ahead, Bone River follows them and they kill Kase. He escapes with great difficulty and reaches Nelwyn. There they meet Willow, who tells them that Dove is Elora. Dove does not believe this, she says that I am nothing.

Willow says you are Elora Danan, the last child of Kymeria, the future queen and head priestess, the greatest sorceress of the Nine Kingdoms. The evil that is coming to destroy us is our only hope.

Elora says what. With this, the first episode ends.

The second episode begins with Willow meeting Sorsha. He says that we have to teach magic to Elora or else her powers will end. Sorsha says whatever Utthaan did for us is enough, not anymore. Willow says we need him to protect us. A barrier cannot always stop the dark forces. Sorsha says we will find other ways for this.

That’s why I sent Madmartigan on a quest. I found a clue in the old documents about the Kymerian Cuirass. He had left nine moon times ago with a servant (Boorman). Since then there is no information about him.

Willow |First Two Epic Episodes | Desny Plus Hotstar
Willow/Image source: Disney Plus Hotstar

Sorsha says that both Raziel and Cherlindra are no more, no one can teach her. Willow says I will teach her. Sorsha says you are neither a great magician nor can become one. After that, he leaves there.

The story then resumes from where it ended in the first episode.

Willow celebrates having found Elora, and the next day they head out in search of Eric.

Sasha learns that Ellora is not at the palace and sends Ballantine to find her.

Willow begins teaching magic to Elora. He tells him that there is an energy inside everyone, which is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

He gives her some Eckelberry seeds and tells her to bury them in the ground. Then says repeat these words with me.

Tuatha Authrock Mora Hoatha.

Elora tries hard but she is not able to do it.

Ballantine arrives in Nelwyn looking for Elora. He gets to know which way he has gone.

On the other hand, Elora continues her efforts but nothing happens. She then angrily repeats those words when Ballantine comes and grabs her. After that Eckelberry plant also starts growing there and its magic starts working.

With this, the second episode also ends.

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